Vector: Erio, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

2560×1440 | Illustrator .AI

This has been sitting half-done on my desktop for the last week and a half. Decided to finally get around to finishing it up. When I heard that Asako Nishida was doing the character designs for this show I knew that I’d be seeing one or two good shots for vectoring. I really loved her artwork in Simoun and Touka Gettan especially, and it’s interesting to see it in a more overtly moe-targeted style. It’s also interesting to see lips, which tend to be a facial feature that is under-emphasised in most modern anime designs.

Used colored lines again for this one. I think I may be leaving my old black-line style behind for good. It’s a fair bit of extra effort (got to rearrange the linework so that the right colors overlap each other) but I think the effect is worth the added work. I’m honestly not sure what I’ll be looking into next. I may go back through my pile of half-finished work again and bring one up. I’m also very tempted to go back through the final two episodes of Madoka, since I feel slightly empty after that ending.

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