Strike Witches vector project complete: Mio, Yoshika & Lynette

By: NegativeZero

May 15 2010

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Category: Anime


1920×1200 | Illustrator .AI

Today’s raid got cancelled due to a lack of people, leaving me with a lot more time than planned. Unfortunately the sides of this image get cropped out – there’s actually more traced than is visible, but since 16:10 is slightly taller than 16:9, those extra bits are lost. Either way, I think this turned out fairly good, though I still think that the earlier Sanya & Eila one came out the best of them. It’s nice to finally complete a project like this, anyway. With any luck the upcoming second season’s inevitable additions to the cast will also result in some quality frames for some more work to do. In the mean time, I’m not sure whether this sudden burst of creative energy is going to continue or not. Feel free to make requests, but I can’t guarantee anything.

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  1. link to the .ai is missing :S

  2. Thanks, should be fixed now.

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