NegativeZero Traces Again: Perrine-H. Clostermann

By: NegativeZero

May 14 2010

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1920×1200 | Illustrator .AI

When I ditched PinkuBentoBox I said I was done with vectors. However a sudden surge of creativity combined with increasing pre-expansion WoW boredom and the fact that I’m between jobs at the moment have together conspired against me. It’s been quite a while since I watched anything that really grabbed me and made me want to do one of these, so instead I ended up digging up some old source images I’d nabbed from Strike Witches back in 2008. I always thought the three I did were some of the better ones I’ve produced, so I thought it might be worth filling out the rest of the cast, not that I’m promising anything. I guess this is kind of semi-relevant again anyway since there’s a new season of they’re-not-panties-so-it-isn’t-embarrassing starting in a couple of months.

I may end up moving over some of the better ones from PBB but the bulk I’ll probably leave behind.

3 Responses to “NegativeZero Traces Again: Perrine-H. Clostermann”

  1. WoW monster :o

  2. You’re still angry I never did that Simoun one you wanted aren’t you? :(

  3. lol

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