A Farewell to Pink

By: NegativeZero

Nov 25 2009

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After sticking with the same blog and domain (albiet with cosmetic changes here and there) for nearly four years now, I’ve decided that it’s time to start afresh. RIP PinkuBentoBox.

Still in the process of getting everything here configured just right. Hopefully not doing too much under the hood tweaking like I had to with my previous theme. My hope with this is to begin writing some actual content that is worth reading, rather than massive long-winded essays which I never end up being able to finish. I’ll probably be keeping the vector traces over at PBB, as I’ve pretty much hung up the towel as far as that goes now.

I’m anticipating a bit more to do with games and other miscellaneous topics that strike my fancy will become the norm, rather than purely focusing on anime. Hopefully more regular content too, rather than one gigantic post every six months! :P

Image source: Pixiv

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  1. Still needs a *lot* of tweaking unfortunately. Also looks like the code that actually determines what color to make the page background is a bit on the buggy side. At the very least it’s doing a ton of logic and then ignoring the result.

    Might have to create a whole new theme. :|

  2. It looks as though I’ve gotten a few of the kinks worked out. This theme really isn’t designed for text. I’ve also changed the internal code that determines the color to make the backgrounds so that rather than doing a whole lot of work then throwing it away and using a pixel at a specific point on the page, it insteads averages the four ‘rule of thirds’ points and the center of the image to determine the color. Also added a subtle gradient to the background that helps the main content pop out a bit, and made everything a lot wider so there’s less expanses of empty space.

    Fairly happy with it at this point. It’s good enough for now at least.

  3. [...] find a slightly more detailed explanation there [...]

  4. I see you modified the theme sucessfully, at least to some degree. Now where’s that picture from?

    Also, testing new Gravatar.

  5. The image is from pixiv – the source is at the bottom of the entry :)

    If you’re talking about where the content is from, it’s a touhou image. Actually a reference to the futility of the (fan invented) love between Alice and Marisa, since Marisa is mortal and will eventually die. Not to be depressing or anything. :P

  6. No, the question was about the original source material ‘what series is it’, or is that original art? Also, I see it ‘averaged’ the color to a mulberry color…

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